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All our Estate and Champion wine openers are 100% inspected. Each wine opener has been tested to uncork and recork prior to being packaged. However, these wine openers are mechanical devices. They may, depending on use, require maintenance and/or replacement parts from time to time.

Which wine openers do you manufacture?

Rogar manufactures the Estate wine opener (Antique Bronze or Vintage Silver finishes) and the Champion wine opener (Antique Pewter, Nickel-Plated and Sterling Silver Plated finishes). In the past, we manufactured the solid brass Vintner. This is no longer in production and has become a collector’s item. We also sell a Professional series of wine openers in brass or chrome-plated finishes.

My wine opener is pushing the cork into the bottle. What’s wrong?

1. You may be operating the wine opener backwards. When opening a bottle of wine, always begin with the handle in the “rear” position and pull the handle forwards and down. Then stop and the bottle will be uncorked. If you start with the handle in the front, the opener will push the cork into the bottle. Review the animated movie listed under the Wine Openers heading “In Action”.

2. The guide slug may be worn out. If the guide slug is worn, the auger cannot screw into the cork. You will need to replace your guide slug. Parts List

My wine opener does not remove the cork; it just puts a hole in the cork.
What’s wrong?

1. You are most likely “over-operating” the opener by removing AND replacing the cork in the same movement. When you have pulled the handle all the way down to the front of the opener, the bottle is uncorked. If you push the handle back to the rear of the opener, you will recork the bottle, leaving a hole from the auger in the cork, but also leaving the cork in the bottle. Review the animated movie listed under the Wine Opener heading “In Action”.

2. If you are operating your wine opener correctly, you will need to return your wine opener to Rogar for repairs. Call 800-351-1420 between the hours of 9:30 p.m. and 4:30 p.m. and ask for our Parts Department. Someone will tell you how you need to send your opener in and explain about the repair procedure.

The cork does not come out of the bottle completely. A fraction of the cork remains in the bottle. Why is this happening?

Sometimes a cork is a little longer than the U.S. industry average. Our opener was designed to remove most corks. Should the cork not be completely extracted, keep holding on to the bottle with your right hand, release the clamps and then use your left hand to hold the arm down. Gently rotate the bottle while pulling down. This will remove the last bit of a long cork from the bottle. The length of the auger cannot be adjusted to accommodate different cork lengths.

How does the wine opener recork? Can I recork after the cork has been ejected from the opener?

To recork a wine bottle, you must leave the cork in the wine opener after the bottle is opened. Do not push the handle towards the back. When you are ready to recork the bottle, grip the bottle with the clamps and push the handle to the rear. This will recork the bottle.
Review the animated movie listed under the Wine Opener heading “
In Action”.

Why won’t my older Estate open the newer wider flange-top bottles?

Rogar has been manufacturing and selling wine openers since 1975. A number of years ago, some wineries began bottling wine in bottles with wider than normal bottle tops. We worked with the top wineries to redesign our openers so they would open these newer bottles as well as standard wine bottles. Estates manufactured after 1997 and all our Champion openers work with these newer bottles. If you have an older Estate (Antique Bronze finish only), you will need to order a new clamp set if you want to open these bottles. All you do is take off the old clamps and replace with the new. Full instructions are included. Order item # 0260 ­ Estate Flange Top Clamp Set. The cost is $14.95 plus mailing costs.

What is the Warranty on the Estate and Champion wine openers?

Each Rogar product is Warranted to the original purchaser for a period of One (1) year from the original Date of Purchase against defects in material and workmanship. Any Product that develops such defects during the Warranty period will be repaired or replaced, at our option, provided that it is returned postage prepaid to ROGAR INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION along with Ten Dollars ($10.00) to cover return postage and handling.

PROOF OF PURCHASE DATE is required and must be included, or a Product Registration card must be on file. This warranty is VOID if product has been tampered with abused or misused.

This Warranty contains the entire obligation of
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